Q: Why Affiliate my club with The London Football Association?
A: Occasionally clubs ask why to affiliate to their County Football Association. Apart from the fact that it is a Football Association rule there are benefits which may not be immediately obvious, such as:
• Brings the club under the heading of ‘affiliated football’.
• Affiliated clubs and players can take part.
• Registered referees can officiate.
• Referees fees and other expenses are under the control of the appropriate Association.
• Access to the Association’s referees.
• All misconduct by players dealt with by Association in accordance with the standard procedures.
• The sanctioning Association will act as the final arbiter in respect of any disputes.
• Advice available from various football authorities.
• Mandatory Public Liability Insurance scheme available.
• Voluntary Personal Accident Insurance scheme available.
• Comprehensive standard playing and administration rules supplied.
• Can stage competitions for charity.

Q: Why affiliate my tournament with The London Football Association?
A: So that your misconduct is dealt with in accordance with the FA procedures.

Q: Can I use your County referees?
A: Yes, if you are affiliated to the County FA you have access to registered association referees.

Q: We have received a fine for a player that is not ours, what do we do?
A: Return all paperwork to the County Association with a covering letter stating this player does not belong to your club.

Q: We have received a fine for a player but the players name is spelt wrong. What do I do?
A: Provide the correct players name on the paperwork received & return to the County Association along with payment. The case will be amended on our system with the correct players’ details.

Q: Can I appeal a Caution?
A: The only appeal against a caution can be for Mistaken Identity.

Q: If a player receives a set number of Cautions during the qualifying period will they receive a suspension?
A: Yes, this will commence 21 days from the date of the 5th/10th/15th Caution was received, even if you have not received notification from your County Association.

Q: Can I make a report anonymously?
A: Yes. You do not have to give your name when reporting an incident of racism or other discrimination. However, if an anonymous person is the only witness, we are likely to find it difficult to take formal action against the alleged offender.

Q: Once I make a report, what happens next?
A: The details reported will be assessed by an officer of the London Football Association who will review the information provided and decide on the appropriate course of action. This will involve deciding, where necessary, who should investigate the allegation – this may be the London Football Association, The FA, the police, etc. Once this decision has been made, you will be contacted and the process will be explained.

Q: Who will contact me once my report has been reviewed?
A: A member of the London Football Association will contact you in the first instance although, ultimately, it could be The FA or another agency that deals with the complaint. If you have a preferred method for communications (i.e. telephone, letter, etc.) please let us know.

Q: How long can I expect to wait before I am contacted?
A: We will contact you as soon as reasonably possible, and within at least five working days.

Q: What is likely to happen to the alleged offender?
A: It is too early to say. Only if any football Rules have been breached and there is sufficient evidence, will disciplinary action be taken, which may lead to some form of sanction. However, this cannot be certain at this stage. The first step is for us to assess the information available and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Q: Will I have to give evidence?
A: If it is decided that disciplinary action will be taken against the alleged offender(s) that will usually mean that we charge them and their case is heard by a Disciplinary Commission. In order to do this, we have to have enough evidence to prove what happened. We may therefore ask you to provide a statement, which means that your version of events is written down and you sign the document as an accurate record of the incident you witnessed. When you provide a statement, it enables us to use this evidence at a disciplinary hearing. It is an important part of the process, and we rely on people being willing to provide evidence to enable us to tackle the problems that are reported. You should note that providing a statement may mean that you will be asked to attend a hearing and give your evidence in person.

Discipline/ Fines 
Q: One of my players has received a sending off and a misconduct charge, why is there only one Administration Fee?
If in the same game there is a need to raise two charges from the same report only one administration fee shall be included on the response forms. Therefore should you have a charge with no fee you still must respond to the County Association for this to be dealt with by the discipline commission.

Q: If a club plays whilst under suspension what will the charge be?
A: There will be a charge raised with a £10 Administration fee which you will have to respond to. This will go over to discipline and it will be at their decision to what is charge (ranging from £20 to £50). 

Q: How much is the Administration Fee?
A: The Administration Fee is £10.00.

Q: There was an incident in the game, the Club are refusing to provide a name or don’t know who it is. What should we do?
A: It is the Clubs responsibility to provide the name of the individual. The County will write to the Club and give them seven days to provide the Players details, should they not be forthcoming they shall be suspended from all football until the name of the individual required is provided.

Q: Parents Refereeing a fixture and discipline occurred in the game, are we able to receive discipline from that game if he is unregistered or not a qualified Referee?
A: A person acting in the capacity of Referee on a Match Day has the same powers and duties of those that are registered officials. Therefore should any discipline sanctions be imposed on the day a report must be submitted to the local County Football Association for the appropriate charges to be raised.

Q: If a Player is sent off or cautioned, who is liable for the Fine/Administration Fee?
A: If the Player is in Youth football the Club are liable for the fees. If the fine is attributed to the Player in open aged football it would be their responsibility to pay the fine, but the Club also are responsible to ensure this does get paid in the first instance.

Q: If a Club plays a Player who is suspended, do we receive a charge from the County?
A: Yes. It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that players that play are not under any suspension.

Q: What happens if a Referee or Club are unable to make a Hearing which has to be dealt with within 28 days?
A: If the County FA has a case that needs to be dealt with within 28 days, a phone call prior to sending out the paperwork to those that are required to attend informing them of the date(s) that the hearing could take place on. The paperwork will then be sent with the information confirming the details of the hearing.

Q: A Player has a suspension from Adult football (match based) but also plays in a youth league, is the player able to participate in the Youth football while serving the suspension from open aged football?
A: If the Player has a suspension from being sent off, and therefore the suspension is from Saturday/Sunday type football only, during this time period the Player would be permitted to play in Youth football. If the Player however was suspended for receiving a Misconduct charge, this is from all football so the Player would not be able to participate.

Q: If a Player plays on a Saturday and a Sunday does the suspension affect both, even if the Saturday side is Match Based?
A: If a Player is sent off playing Saturdays and receives a Match Based suspension, that individual is suspended from Saturday type football only. The Player will be able to play on Sunday’s while the suspension is in place, and vice versa if the Players was to be sent off on a Sunday.

If a Player receives a Misconduct Charge, and a punishment is imposed the Player will be suspended from ALL football, until the team he was playing for at the time of receiving the charge has completed the necessary qualifying matches for the suspension to be completed.

Q: If a Club operates two teams, ‘First’ and ‘Reserves’, a First team Player plays in the Reserves and receives a Sending Off, what team does he/she serve the suspension for?
A: All suspensions are to be served for the team the Player was sent off playing for at the time. If the Player is sent off for the Reserves, he/she is not able to play that type of football (including the First Team) until the Reserves have completed the required number of fixtures.

Q: If a Player receives a caution on a Saturday and Sunday, are they added together as a total or they kept separate?
A: For a Player to reach five cautions these must have been received from the same type of football, therefore as an example a Player must be cautioned five times on a Saturday to receive a suspension. If a Player receives three cautions on a Saturday and two on a Sunday this will not result in the Player being suspended.

Q: At the end of the season a team has no more qualifying matches for a player to serve the remainder of his/hew suspension, does the suspension get lifted?
A: The individual must serve the suspension for the team that they were sent off playing for, if that team has no more qualifying matches that would count towards the suspension, the suspension would be lifted and carried over to the following season, and the suspension would commence from the date of the first qualifying match for that team.

Q: A Player has joined us from another Club but has a suspension, can that suspension be served at the Club the Player has now joined?
A: If a Player has joined a new Club and has a suspension outstanding, that suspension can be served for the new Club on the following conditions; The suspension must not have commenced, the team the Player was sent off for must be under the same discipline regulations as the one they have joined and the County Association must be satisfied with the transfer of the discipline suspension on the new Club. If the suspension has already commenced the suspension is not able to be transferred to the new Club.

Q: A Player is serving a Match Based suspension after being Sent Off from Sunday Football only, the Player still has fixtures to serve as a suspension from Sunday football but a Misconduct suspension has now been imposed which is due to commence prior to the next game. What suspension takes precedence and can the suspensions run concurrently?
A: Using an example, a Player is sent off, receiving a three match suspension and has served two matches, with one remaining. The Player was charged with Misconduct and a further three matches imposed from ALL football (due to it being a Misconduct Charge). From the date of the Misconduct Charge the Player will be suspended from ALL football until three matches have been completed for the Misconduct offence. After the third match the Player will still be suspended from ALL football until he/she complete the remaining one match for the original dismissal.

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