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Club Affiliation

Every club has to affiliate each season. Affiliation is the process by which clubs “register” with their County Football Association, allowing them to play affiliated football for the new season. It involves telling the county which teams you’ll be running, as well as the key officers and team officials involved in running your club.  This process of affiliation happens during the pre-season and can be completed online through the Whole Game System. 

Online Affiliation for 2016-2017 is now open until Sunday 31st July, 2016.

Online Club Affiliation - Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Subscription fees:  

(a.) Adult football:

  1. Associations, Leagues, Alliances, Athletic Clubs and similarly constituted bodies including small-sided competitions - £50.00
  2. Subsidiary Competitions run in conjunction with and under the same management as a League or Competition affiliated under (1) - £12.00
  3. Professional clubs:  Premier League - £300.00, Football League - £200.00
  4. Senior Clubs (at Steps 1 to 5) - £130.00
  5. Senior Clubs (at Steps 6 and 7) - £105.00
  6. Adult male 11-a-side (below Step 7) - £60.00
  7. Veterans Clubs - £60.00
  8. Women’s clubs (in FA Women’s Super League divisions) - £100.00
  9. Women’s clubs (below FA Women’s Super League divisions) - £60.00
  10. All Clubs affiliating under (3), (4), (5) and/or (6) - £20.00 per extra team more than one.

(b.) Youth football:

   11.    Youth Associations, Leagues, Alliances, Athletic Clubs and similarly constituted bodies - £50.00
   12.    Subsidiary youth small-sided competitions including mini-soccer - £12.00
   13.    Clubs playing in youth Competitions whose players are under-18 years of age - £20.00
   14.    All Clubs affiliating under (10.) - £10.00 per extra team more than one.

(c.) Small-sided or Futsal Clubs affiliation fees (not included above) - £5.00

(d.) Departmental teams of an affiliated Works Competition, competing only in Inter-Departmental Works  Competitions on cup-tie principles - £5.00

All Youth Clubs & Leagues must have a Welfare Officer in order to affiliate. The appointed Welfare Officer must have an accepted enhanced FA CRC check and completed both The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop & Welfare Officer Workshop. For more advice please contact

To view the London FA Affilifation Guide for 2016-2017 please CLICK HERE

League / Competition Affiliation

Any League, Tournament or Competition is required to affiliate to its local County FA under FA regulations. No players, clubs or referees can participate in unaffiliated competitions.

All league or competition affiliation forms need to be returned along with two copies of their ‘Standard Code of Rules’ (Click on either Adult or Youth to download a copy) to the London FA office in order to be sanctioned.

Annual Subscription fees: 
League £50.00  
Small-Sided Competitions/Mini-Soccer £12.00

If you have any questions or queries regarding the affiliation process, please contact the Governance Department at the LFA Office on 020 7610 8360 or

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