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Please click on the image to your right to access the e-learning guide.

Important Notice:
Do you have a Football Association Number (FAN) - check your FAN
Everyone who uses the LMS will require a FAN.

Steps if you do not have a FAN:
1. Before you create a new FAN it is important to check if you already have one, this avoids duplication.
2.To check if you already have a FAN please click here 

Once you have a FAN to log-in :
1. You can log into the LMS by clicking here:
2. Next, select Sign In at the top of the page.
3. Enter your FAN ID and correct password then click Sign In.

Accessing your learning

Once you’re signed in, you then need to navigate to your current learning page.
Firstly, select Active Learning, followed by Record of Learning from the menu bar.
To access your course select it from the menu. In this example we are selecting the Level 1 in Coaching Football. When you have enrolled you will then be presented with your learning environment

Viewing and managing your learning

From here you can launch your e-learning course and you will see a status bar for each module. There is an overall progress bar at the top right which shows the average for all e-learning modules for the enrolled coaching certification.

Launching an e-learning course

Select the relevant course by selecting LAUNCH COURSE.
With the latest version of Google Chrome, if pop-ups are blocked you will see a small red x appear when you try to launch an e-learning module. Select the red x and a menu will load.

Always allow pop-ups from, followed by selecting done.
You will then need to reload the page to restart the e-learning course, to do this click on the Reload this page icon.
Your e-learning course will then launch in a new pop-up window.

Printing e-learning module certificates

Upon completion of the course and any associated questions, you will then have the ability to download and print your module certificate.
To do this, select your certificate, then GET YOUR CERTIFICATE from the next screen.
A pop-up window will then launch, which will show your certificate.
From here you can then print your certificate or save to your computer hard drive.
Afterwards, you can then navigate back to your learning environment. Note: It is important to Sign Out correctly when you have completed your learning.
To do this firstly select My Account, followed by Sign Out

If you do not Sign Out there is a risk that your session learning history may not be captured and updated.