Membership Rules

All Associations and Club playing according to the "Laws of Association" and the "Rules and Regulations" of the Football Association Limited, and having their headquarters within a radius of twelve miles froom Charing Cross, shall be eligible for membership, subject to approval of the Council. The playing ground shall constitute the headquarters of a Club.

If a Club has no regular playing ground, its headquarters shall be deemed to be:-

(a) Clubs connected with Public Offices, Banks, Railways, Business Houses and similar institutions---the office address of the Club Secretary.

(b) For other Clubs, the regular meeting place or, if none, the Honorary Secretary's address.

The Headquarters of Associations of Clubs shall be deemed to be within the said radius if the ordinary Committee and General Meetings of such Association of Clubs are held within a radius of twelve miles from Charing Cross. For the purpose of these Rules, Association shall include Leagues, Alliances and similarily constituted bodies. No Association shall be eligible for membership unless all Clubs connected with same are affiliated to a recognised County Association and had received the sanction of the The Football Association Limited, or of an affiliated Count Association.