London win big at Just Play Awards

London based volunteer Jaden Cameron and Kennington Recreation Women’s session win Just Play organiser and centre of the year respectively at the inaugural FA Mars Just Play awards.

Wednesday 8th July saw the inaugural FA Mars Just Play Awards, held at QEII centre near parliament square. The awards recognise the hours of hard work and dedication put in at a number of recreational sessions across England.

Jaden Cameron a volunteer at the Brixton Friday Night Futsal session that takes place every Friday evening between 8-9pm in the heart of Lambeth, South London won the coveted Just Play organiser of the year award. Since its inception back in September 2014 it has been aimed at working with young adults between the ages of 16-22, and gives participants an affordable opportunity to play Futsal.

Jaden organises the session on a voluntary basis, and tends to give up every Friday night to help the session run smoothly and fully deserves being crown Just Play Organiser of the year.

Additionally, another London based session situated at Kennington Park earned the accolade of Mars Just Play Centre of the year. The centre was developed to offer females in the capital the opportunity to give football a try in an environment they found comfortable. Since its introduction the session has gone from Strength to strength and now averages around 15-18 participants each week.

Donnique has been coaching the session at Kennington since 2013 and has worked closely with the Just Play Officer to signpost participants to local clubs.

Jaden Cameron said “When I found out I won, I just couldn't believe it. When I thought about giving up my Friday nights to run the session at Brixton, I had no idea it would bring me media coverage in the local paper let alone win a national award! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement, I'm over the moon!"


Neil Jolliffe, Just Play Officer said “Jaden and the guys at Kennington deserve to be recognised for all the hours they put in to making these sessions successful, without such a dedicated voluntary workforce football as a whole would struggle.”

If you are interested in getting involved in football please click here to find a full list of sessions or email