Primary Coaching

The FA Skills team deliver bespoke mentoring and support for primary school teachers across the Capital.The aim is to support teachers in their delivery and help to revolutionise the way PE is taught.

So far we have:

• Worked in over 150 schools
• Provided over 70,000 coaching places
• Provided 35,000 for girls
• Provided over 3000 disability places
• Supported nearly 500 teachers in their delivery

What we can offer:

• A 6 week block of work where we come into the school and deliver alongside the teacher
• Age appropriate, bespoke lesson plans for the teacher
• Guidance on how to structure lessons to get a high activity time for every child, whilst keeping the vital realism of invasion games
• Lessons the children will love
• Continued development guidance for when the block of work is complete

“The coach produced some really good sessions and worked brilliantly with the kids. They really enjoyed each and every session. Most of the children showed strong signs of progression during the Coach’s time here. They were active most of the time and you could see the difference by the end of the term because they were so much more confident when dribbling/passing the ball.
Chris O’Neill, George Eliot Primary School

“Every teacher thought that the sessions were outstanding. The coach’s behaviour management was always extremely positive and their subject knowledge was excellent. They have inspired all the teachers and pupils they came across and as a result the PE at Hillbrook has improved significantly. All of the practices can be used across most invasion games and the introduction of very young pupils to small sided games has led to the pupils having more opportunity to let the game be the teacher. Thank you for such an inspiring set of lessons” 

Matt Casey, Hillbrook Primary School.

If you would like your school to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity please contact

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