Reporting Misconduct



Misconduct is online

Whether it's a yellow card, a sending off or a misconduct, all of your reports can now be submitted online via the Whole Game System.

Remember! Reports should be completed within two days of the relevant fixture.

Practical advice


  • Use specific language, quotes and words you remember to the best of your knowledge ("he called me an idiot in an aggressive way"
  • Describe the actions as accurately and clearly as possible
  • Be as specific as possible, detailing which team a person is from when mentioning by name and their role on the day (if you know it)
  • Be as accurate as you can when describing where an incident occurred and at what time during the match
  • Include the names of other people (assistants, club officials) who you think witnessed an incident when reporting misconduct
  • Include the player’s name and the team they play for and ensure this is accurate
  • Include the number a player was wearing if you were unable to get a name
  • Write the full team name e.g. London FA Youth FC U15 Red rather than LFA Youth


  • Use ambiguous words like “swearing”, “dissent”, “abuse”
  • Assume that the county know details or who people are (e.g. “then Baz helped me calm the situation down”)
  • Use abbreviated versions of team names e.g. TFMAA FC
  • Make anything up that you are unsure about

The FA has a guide dedicated to how to write misconduct reports, which can be found at

The FA have a page specifically for misconduct, which can be found at

Using Whole Game

Unsure about how to report misconduct on Whole Game? Follow the step-by-step video above or by clicking HERE.

To access Whole Game, click HERE and log in with your FA number and password. If you are unsure about either of these, find your FAN HERE or reset your password HERE.

Personal hearings

The County FA discipline process may sometimes lead to a personal hearing following a referee's report. Referees and assistant referees are therefore reminded that if you are asked to do so, you must attend personal hearings. 


Officials who fail to attend shall be reported to the County FA. Any referee having accepted a request to attend a personal hearing is then required to close the date with all appropriate competitions to ensure they don't receive a fixture on that same day.