Online Registration for season 2017/18

We would like to thank you for your interest in registering online as a match official for season 2017/18. Grassroots football relies on the continued service and commitment of you and your 32,000 national colleagues: London FA would like to record its appreciation for the excellent service that you give to the game. You will be asked for Equality and Diversity information which is used by the FA for support purposes only.

Please note that you will be asked to specify your gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation and whether you are disabled. It will not be possible for this data to be traced back to you.

Please ensure that your postal address, email and telephone number are correct, particularly if you have changed these details in the last 12 months as clubs will need to know how to contact you when you receive match appointments:


Before You Get Started


Please remember to send your closed dates to

This includes any periods of holiday, injury or other commitments that prevent you refereeing.

If no dates are received, it will be assumed that you are available for adult and youth County Cup appointments (which take precedence over league appointments) on all dates on which you have indicated that you are generally available to referee.

If you intend to officiate in youth football, please check that you have complied with the relevant FA policies summarised under “Any Problems?” below.


Getting Started

To register online through the “Whole Game System”, please visit

 You will be asked for:-

1. Your email address, which must be the one already recorded for you in the FA’s records please email

if you would like to update it; or

2. your FA Number (“FAN ID”) which can be found on your Referee’s Certificate, in the County FA Handbook and other official correspondence from the FA/County FA; and

3. your password: if you have not used the system before and do not have a password or if you have forgotten your password, please click on the link entitled “Have you forgotten your password?”

4. You should then click on the “Referee Administration” tab across the top of the screen in order to access the “Registration” tab. The process should then be completely self-explanatory so long as you remember to click on the “Save and Continue” button at the end of each section.


Any Problems?

Please also note that you will be unable to register online if:-

Your registration has lapsed for more than two years: please contact in the event of any queries; or you are currently suspended as a referee: please contact in the event of any queries;

or you intend to officiate in youth football and are at least 16 years of age but do not hold a FA-accepted Criminal Records Check issued within the last three years:

The FA has issued a guidance manual which can be downloaded from HERE