Sin Bin


This page is a brief overview of the Sin Bins.

  • FA commissioned Sin Bins in 2016/2017, Piloted it in 2017/2018 and will make it compulsory in 2019-2020 for all leagues Step 7 below
  • The sin bin only impacts caution for DISSENT only [C2]

  • Why Dissent?
    • Support the RESPECT programme;
    • 73.5k cautions for Dissent in 2016/17 alone;
    • This equates to 25% of all cautions branded;
    • Aim to decrease Dissent and improve match experience
  • The No £10 Admin Fee for C2(Sin Bin) as the sanction is the Sin Bin
  • Initial Pilot was successfully resulting in: 38% Reduction in Dissent across all Leagues; 25 showed a reduction whilst 6 showed slight increase

Please come and learn some more regarding sin bins by signing up to our webinars. Click the links below for the date you wish to attend (Password is SinBin1819):

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Wednesday 22nd August  2018

Sin Bins Are Here!