A lot more resources have been made availabe to all Club Welfare Officers and CRB verifiers. Keep yourself up to date with all of the latest goings on with regards to CRB's and Club Verifiers...

discriminationThese resource have been designed to provide you with the essential information needed to carry out your duties over the coming season along with easy links to more detailed, in-depth information and guidance hosted on TheFA.com.

The Welfare Officer Information Pack is designed to be easily accessible with click through links from the contents page to the relevant sections and from these pages hyperlinks connect you to the relevant information on TheFA.com. It can also be easily printed with the links for all WebPages provided in full for those who wish to access information this way.

The Welfare Officer Information Pack has been designed so that each section can be periodically updated individually. This will help those holding hard copies keep their information up-to-date.

millwall cofeThe Information Pack includes sections on:

 - Safeguarding policy, procedures & regulations

- Best Practice Guidance

  • - Enhanced CRC Checks

- The Online Safeguarding Service

- Safeguarding Children Education

The pack also includes a series of appendices, which you can use for reference to guide your work programme through the season, along with an Additional Information and Important Contacts section which includes an area for you to fill in your local contacts.

More resouces for you:

- FA Letter regarding CRB changes.

- FA CRB ID Form.

We trust the Welfare Officer Information Pack will be useful resource for you over the coming Season.

For more information, please contact our County Welfare Officer Yasmin Dyer on Yasmin.Dyer@LondonFA.com or 0207 610 8360.