Leagues Funding Scheme

The Funding for Leagues Scheme, for the leagues outside the National League System or below Step W4 in the Women’s Pyramid of Football, which assists

To apply for the funding scheme CLICK HERE

FAQs for the scheme

Each league should refer to the FAQ sheet when applying for a grant. It should be noted that any league that received grant aid in Season 2013/14 will not be eligible to apply for funding this season. 

A list of items considered to be eligible for financial assistance is included on the Frequently Asked Questions sheet together with details of the ‘Priority’ and ‘Low Priority’ categories. The amount of grant is dependent on the number of registered teams each league has and will be based on £10 per team with a minimum grant of £350 and a maximum grant of £1,000 available.  If a league has 150 teams or more they can apply for grant aid up to a maximum of £1,200.

If you have any queries on the scheme, please contact Zuzana Brutenicova, Leagues and Clubs Administrator at The Football Association on + 44 (0) 844 980 8200 # 4593 or email zuzana.brutenicova@thefa.com

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