The England U16 team huddle together ahead of the Victory Shield encounter against Wales in October 2009.

Under 16s


The first years of a player's football journey are amongst the most important. It's during these years that most discover their love for the game, develop their skills and create some of their first football memories.

London FA's job is to help support you, or your child, along this journey and provide the perfect platform for their career in football. Find out more below about all the local opportunities for boys aged 5-16 to get involved in the game.


Developed for children aged 6-10, Mini-Soccer aims to represent the best features of the modern game whilst meeting the needs of developing youngsters. It's all above giving children more touches of the ball and a chance to understand the laws, develop their skills and fitness and, most importantly, enjoy a format of the game that's designed with them in mind. Key points of Mini-Soccer:

  • For teams from U7s to U11s
  • Pitch and ball sizes differ according to age group of players
  • Goal size is 12ft x 6ft for all ages
  • Leagues are structured but focus on participation rather than competition
  • Fixtures are generally played on a weekly basis on Saturday mornings

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Reporting Concerns


If you feel that an adult connected to your league or club (e.g. a referee, coach or a volunteer) is mistreating someone under the age of 18, there are various confidential ways you can report this.

By ‘mistreating’, we mean behaving towards under-18s in a physical or verbal way you believe is threatening or makes the young person feel scared or bad.

Find out more and watch a short film The FA has produced explaining how to report your concerns. Of course, everything is completely confidential.

You can also contact London FA via

Let's Make football safe, not sorry


If you have any concerns regarding the about the welfare of a child or the behaviour of an adult towards a child or young person under 18 years of age in football, please make sure you report it as soon as possible. 

As a County FA we have trained staff who have experience in dealing with these concerns and can ensure the necessary action is taken. Even If a concern doesn't meet the criteria and standard required for county involvement, advice will be given to clubs on how to investigate the issue internally using their club's policies, procedures and constitution. All concerns are treated confidentially. 

You can find out more about how to report safeguarding and welfare concerns by clicking the link below or you can contact London FA via