London FA Council

London FA Council

The London FA Council acts as a vital advisory body to both the London FA Board and London FA staff, as well as providing direct input to the work of the organisation through specific groups.

The Councillors represent football in London and contribute by providing first-hand knowledge and experience to help to inform plans, priorities and programmes. They have committed to:

  • Ensuring they promote, foster, develop and support the sport of Football within London
  • Contributing to the delivery of the London Football Association objectives, mission, plans & values
  • Advising the Board and the staff on delivering obligations to its Association Members
  • Activating the plans by supporting delivery in the field
  • Support the London FA to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the game in London

All Council Members have been through an open and transparent recruitment process, completed a full induction programme and comply with all relevant policies and procedures.

Council Structure

The Council and its related divisions is set up through the following structure:

London FA Council

Council meetings take place a minimum of 3 times a year.  Meetings have a themed area of focus with guest speakers, insight and debate on how tackle key issues facing football, and maximising the opportunities available to football in London. Should any Association Member wish for their views to be represented to the London Football Association, then they can do this through their local Council contact. If you wish to do this then please contact the London FA office and we will liaise with the relevant Council member to check if they are comfortable with being contacted and for us to release their details.

Council Members

Alex Sanchez-Buitrago, Youth Division

Alf Brown, North East Division

Andrew Morton, South East Division

Anthony Gilbey, North East Division

Atik Ahmed, South West Division

Benjamin Biggs, South West Division

Bethany Archer, South East Division

Bobby Bernini, North East Division

Christopher Conroy, Youth Division

Dave Hooker, Youth Division

David Lando, Youth Division

David Thomas, North East Division

Drew Patterson, Youth Division

Duncan Hart, South East Division

Edward Webb, North West Division

Gordon Manning, South West Division

Graham Etchell, North West Division

Graham Harknett, Youth Division

Graham Rodber, South West Division

Ian Burke, Youth Division

Jeffrey Pettitt, South West Division

Jermaine Wright, North East Division

John Taylor, North West Division

Karen Greene, Youth Division

Kenneth Baillie, South East Division

Kevin Wilmot, North East Division

Lekan Odushola, South East Division

Lester Newham, South East Division

Lewis Styles, Youth Division

Liberatore Di Cesare, South East Division

Martynas Stonkus, Youth Division

Michael Burke, South West Division

Nick Riley, South East Division

Peter Barnes, North West Division

Roger Fox, North West Division

Russel Howes, North West Division

William Neicho, South East Division

Yashmin Harun, North East Division

Zakariya Oozeerally, South West Division

David Wolff, Vice-President

Clive Coleman, Vice-President

Tony Sharples, Vice-President

Peter Amos, Vice-President

Harry Whipple, Vice-President

Colin Wheeler, Vice-President

George Dorling, Vice-President

Ian Yearwood, Vice-President

Graham Etchell, Vice-President

John Socratous, Vice-President

David Richbell, President

Lionel Seymour, Past President

John Auger, Youth Life Vice-President

Alan Clarke, Youth Life Vice-President

Brian Jolly, Youth Life Vice-President

Graham Taylor, Life Member

Maurice Hales, Life Member

Cyril Rebak, Life Member

Daryl Ryan, Life Member 

Robert Henderson, Life Member

Lockie Bramzell, Honorary Vice-President

B Seymour, Honorary Vice-President

F White, Honorary Vice-President

A Chew, Honorary Vice-President

J Toyne, Honorary Vice-President

B Gibbons, Honorary Vice-President

J Burnage, Honorary Vice-President

R Blackman, Honorary Vice-President

P Cox, Honorary Vice-President

D Finn, Honorary Vice-President

A Gillard, Honorary Vice-President

M Oakley, Honorary Vice-President

C Seely, Honorary Vice-President

A Nathan, Honorary Vice-President

Gabby Shirley, Board Member

George Dorling, Board Member

Ian Wallis, Board Member

Paul Mortimer, Board Member

Louise Dorling, Board Member

Derek Harris, Board Member

Ruth Holdaway, Board Member

Simon Hughes, Board Member

Kirstin Furber, Board Member

Ali Morgan, Board Member

Vivienne Aiyela, Board Member