Ever tried playing a game of football without a referee? It's difficult, right...?

That's why here at the London FA we are dedicated to producing, supporting and enabling a small army of highly motivated and immensely talented, FA qualified referees! London FA supports the work of around 1,600 affiliated match officials all living within the capital and all of whom are dedicated to the grassroots game as much as they are to their own personal development. 

Our referees are recruited, trained and examined to enable a smooth grassroots operation.  As they gain experience further opportunities are provided to aid their development and progression.  Appointments are made to adult and youth County Cup ties, together with games in certain FA competitions.

This work is co-ordinated by the Association’s two Referee Development Officers, who lead teams of volunteers working as tutors, Criminal Records Bureau document verifiers, examiners, mentors, coaches and assessors, etc.  As a result, the London FA’s strategy and tactics have seen a steady increase in the number of match officials over recent years, with an overall increase of 60% since 2002.   As of 2016, our official match day coverage stands at 95%...

Get Involved...

With the help of the London FA, almost anyone can become a quality referee and within this section of the website you'll find details on how you can become a London FA match official, as well as useful information for existing referees. Please use the drop down menu and the quick links within the footer below to navigate.

All we ask for is a real and genuine passion for the game. So whether you're a footy mad youngster looking for a career in the game, or an older pro that just wants to give something back once you're playing days are over, we'd love to hear from you.

All Refereeing enquiries should be directed to Hugh Gilroy on 020 7610 8360 | hugh.gilroy@londonfa.com