Volunteering in London

Volunteers are people who willingly give their time and effort without financial reward. There should be no barriers to being involved and some roles can be undertaken without even leaving the house.

In London there are thousands of adults who give up time to volunteer each year, of which over one quarter are involved in sport. There are many benefits to getting involved in football as a volunteer.  These include:

Learning new skills

Helping others and giving something back into sport

Becoming part of a team and meeting new people

To do something different to the day job

To build self-confidence


Supporting our volunteers

London FA recognises the value of volunteers in running and developing football at every level. 

Our role is to: 

Support and develop existing volunteers

Recruit more volunteers into football

Recognise and reward volunteers

Most volunteers already have a link with the club or league they help to support. This could be a parent, grandparent, friend, former player or sponsor.

Through committing time and effort to running the club or league, volunteers will play a major role in giving players the opportunity to enjoy football each week – and should feel rightly proud of the contribution they make.

This section provides an overview of both volunteers and volunteer groups in London as well as how you can get involved!