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It’s time to boot out all the boring admin around organising your football. The FA’s official Matchday app has been developed specifically to automate everything around your football life – whether you’re a player, club secretary, manager or coach.

League secretaries will love it too – it means everything is viewable in a consistent format, from fixtures to match returns – and everything in between. Who’s in the team? Who are the opponents? Where’s the game? When’s kick-off? Is anyone currently suspended?

With Matchday, all the answers are instantly available at your fingertips. And it’s all in a safe and secure environment, backed by The FA. We’ll also ensure it has up-to-date, comprehensive information on players, clubs, fixtures and leagues.

It’s often said that time is our most precious commodity. The main aim of Matchday is to save you time, so you can confidently enjoy the game you love, knowing your football life is sorted. Oh, and we forgot to tell you – it’s free!


Frequently asked questions about the Matchday app.

Matchday is a mobile application which recently launched on iOS (App store) and Android (Google Play store). It boots out the boring admin of managing a grassroots team in the affiliated game.

Matchday has functionality you won’t find elsewhere:

No need to enter your fixtures. They are automatically added from The FA’s Full-Time service;

- No need to enter your squad details. These are automatically added from The FA’s Whole Game System;

- No need to check suspensions: the app will show you who’s eligible to play;

- No need to use Full-Time to enter your match returns – submit them via the app at the tap of a button.

You need to be in a league where:

Player registration has been managed via The FA’s Whole Game System (WGS);

- Your Role as a Team Manager or equivalent has been set up in WGS;

- Your league uses Full-Time for all its fixture administration;

- Your 18/19 Season has been set as the default season and fixtures available.

To check if your league is Matchday ready, follow the link below:

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For a full list of Matchday FAQs, follow the link below:

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