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Football Debt Recovery

How to get my money back


Sadly every season players leave clubs without paying their debts

The Football Debt Recovery system is in place to try and help clubs and leagues recover any debts they have paid which were incurred by a player or players who are refusing to repay these debts to the club. The London FA will help to recover these debts on behalf of the affiliated clubs or sanctioned leagues. The FDR system may also be used in a case where a club has folded whilst still owing money to the London FA - in this instance, the debt will be split amongst the remaining registered members and officers. 

As described under FA Regulations, football debts are defined as those where actual monies have been expended arising from football activity and as such would include:

Match costs (e.g. match fees)

Fines from discipline cases

Playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire)

League costs (e.g. repairs to cups)

The following are not considered to be football debts:

- Club subscriptions

- Fund raising activities

- League fines

- Kit and equipment

- End of season trip costs

There are strict timelines and criteria under which football debts can be chased and we're unable to deal with any debts that do not conform with FA regulations. We therefore recommend that all Clubs familiarise themselves with the procedures, the key points of which are highlighted below:

Reasonable steps

Clubs/Leagues should take reasonable steps to recover the debt before asking London FA to take action, including:

Approaching debtor personally and contacting them in writing to seek payment

Not playing the player as soon as it becomes obvious that there is an issue with recovering monies

When writing to the player the club should advise the debtor that the debt will rise once it is referred to London FA as a Football Debt Recovery claim. This rise consists of the £25 creditor fee plus an administration fee of £10. However where there is more than 1 debtor on an action, the administration fee from the CFA has increased to £2 on each individual. Where there is only 1 debtor the fee of £10 remains.


London FA should be approached as soon as it is clear that there is a problem. In all cases this should be within 28 days of formal payment being requested, and 112 days of the debt being incurred.

Requesting debt recovery

When requesting Football Debt Recovery the creditor must supply the following:

Full Name

Date of Birth

Last known address

Contact number of the individual(s) responsible for debt

Leagues should provide a list of all registered players for the club/team they wish to place on Football Debt Recovery

Evidence of the debt and efforts made my the club to recover the debt (e.g. copies of letters sent to players)

Upon receipt of a Football Debt Recovery claim, London FA will verify the validity of the debt and notify the Club and Player, by way of the debt recovery letter, of its decision.On an annual basis any debt created more than 7 years ago will be deactivated and removed from the system. All monies and suspensions will be cleared and removed.

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