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Whether you're a player, coach, manager or referee, you can find all of the resources you need to participate in London FA County Cups & Competitions here, including guidance for clubs and referees, full rules and regulations for both Adult and Youth competitions, team sheets, referee marking forms and receipt and payment forms. 

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Each club secretary has a unique code which they should use to text the result of the game to the FA. Results must be text immediately after a game has finished. If your club secretary does not have these details, please contact London FA Cups & Competitions Officer, Dwayne Ellis -


The match report form can be found under the related documents listing below.

If your club cannot fulfill a fixture, please call or email the London FA Cups & Competitions Officer immediately. If you do not contact (and receive confirmation) from London FA about your inability to fulfill the fixture, a fine will normally be incurred (further details can be found in Cups & Competitions - Rules and Documents).

If you have not heard from the opposition with the time limit detailed in the cup rules, please contact the Cups & Competitions Officer.

If you believe your kick-off time is displayed incorrectly, please contact the home team.

If the referee communicates directly to the club that he/she cannot fulfill the appointment, the club should communicate this to the Cups & Competitions Officer as soon as possible who will work to ensure the official is replaced.

The costs of the official(s) are shared between the two clubs (unless otherwise stated in the rules). Officials should be paid (in cash) before the game starts.

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