London U-15 Youth Cup (Saturday)


Cup Entry List
Club Round
AFC Nasaa (Youth) U15 1st Round
Athletico DFZ (Youth) U15 (bye) 1st Round
Clapham Rangers (Y) U15 Youth 1st Round
Eastside United (Youth) U15 1st Round
Energise (Youth) U15 1st Round
Lambeth Tigers (Youth) U15 (bye) 1st Round
Soccer Stars (Youth) U15 (bye) 1st Round
Somers Town (Youth) U15 1st Round
Tuff (Youth) U15 1st Round
Tuff (Youth) U15 Colts (bye) 1st Round
Wapping (Youth) U15 (bye) 1st Round
1st Round
1. 25/11/17  00:00 Tuff (Youth) U15 VS Somers Town (Youth) U15
2. 25/11/17  00:00 AFC Nasaa (Youth) U15 VS Clapham Rangers (Y) U15 Youth
3. 25/11/17  00:00 Eastside United (Youth) U15 VS Energise (Youth) U15
4. 13/01/18  00:00 Somers Town (Youth) U15 VS AFC Nasaa (Youth) U15
5. 13/01/18  11:00 Wapping (Youth) U15 VS Soccer Stars (Youth) U15
6. 13/01/18  12:30 Lambeth Tigers (Youth) U15 VS Tuff (Youth) U15 Colts
7. 13/01/18  00:00 Athletico DFZ (Youth) U15 VS Eastside United (Youth) U15
8. 10/02/18  00:00 AFC Nasaa (Youth) U15 VS Wapping (Youth) U15
9. 10/02/18  00:00 Lambeth Tigers (Youth) U15 VS Athletico DFZ (Youth) U15
10. TBC   Winner of Tie 8 VS Winner of Tie 9
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