Footballs in a pile.

London FA Strategy 2020-2025

Established in 1891, and affiliated to The Football Association, the London FA is the regional Football Association for London, working in partnership with other regional County Football Associations.

It administers all levels of men’s, women’s and youth football and is responsible for developing and supporting all grassroots football across the capital. 

The challenges currently facing grassroots football, which is all football that is non-professional and non-elite, are well documented. People are migrating to shorter, more bite-sized forms of football, particularly in London, and this is having an impact on our traditional 11-a-side leagues. The importance of embedding the right safeguarding standards has quite rightly increased but we are largely reliant on a voluntary workforce to deliver these and many other standards. And whilst there is plenty of money at the elite end of the game, local clubs and leagues at a grassroots and community level are struggling financially. 

These challenges should be of concern not just to those people who care about football but to everyone. Local clubs and leagues do far more than just provide enjoyable footballing experiences. They improve the physical and mental health of people in the local community, create employment and personal development opportunities for all and bring diverse groups together like no other sport can. The volunteers running grassroots football are the unsung heroes of our sport.

This new strategy is not about the elite few; it’s about the many whose lives have been and will be transformed by football.  This is the start of an incredibly exciting journey for the London FA and I do hope you will join us.

Paul Bickerton, CEO & James Middlehurst, Chair



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