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The London FA Coach Membership is an annual membership where you can access and apply for all Continual Professional Development (CPD) sessions throughout the season

The cost of the Membership is £15 and consists of several two- or three-hour sessions, with the topics and session titles updated quarterly with new sessions. These will include, but are not limited to, Disability Awareness, Analysis, Position Specific Coaching, Mentoring, Content of the former FA Youth Modules, Preparation for UEFA C Licence, UEFA B Licence.

Applications for all UEFA C & UEFA B Licence courses are seasonal and the amount of CPD hours taken is strongly considered by the selection panel along with being part of an FA Programme.


Membership Benefits include:

  • Free Digital Online CPD Sessions
  • Bespoke CPD Sessions throughout the season for clubs and individuals
  • Earlybird access to LFA Events
  • Access to other CPD via our partners Soccer Coach Weekly
  • Webinar content throughout the season
  • Mentoring available for your club (please contact LFA)

Content will have applications and breakdown of the summary, appropriate qualification levels for attendance and supplementary learning to accompany the delivery.

This offer is available for your club so please contact Coaching@LondonFA.com to discuss a club membership for CPD in your environment.

Head to learn.englandfootball.com to see all courses offered by England Football.

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