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The London FA Youth Cups have been curtailed for the 2020/21 season. Youth clubs may enter the 2021/22 London Youth Cup, free of charge.

The London FA Cups & Competitions Committee have voted for the 2020/21 London Adult Cup Competitions to continue. 

How the London Cup will continue:

- You must contact your opposition to agree a date

- League competition matches will take priority 

- Teams will be given a deadline to complete the round and can play on any day, as long as, both clubs agree and London FA are notified

- All Cup Finals will be played midweek unless the finalists do not have a league match scheduled on a weekend date

Round Dates

Deadline 1: Sunday 18 April

Deadline 2: Sunday 2 May

Deadline 3: Sunday 16 May

Deadline 4: Sunday 30 May

Deadline 5: Sunday 13 June

Cup Finals will commence from 17 May

The above deadline dates apply to all 7 of the remaining London Cup Competitions.

Clubs are encouraged to complete their London Cup fixtures with as little disruption to league competition matches as possible, with matches permitted to take place on any day as long as both teams agree and London FA are notified. 

Any teams struggling for pitch facilities are to contact Jamaal Horne asap to arrange. Jamaal has secured several pitch facilities across London for contingency purposes. 

Both teams must agree on a date at least 1 week before that specific round deadline, if this is not done, this will be sent to the Committee for a decision. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Jamaal Horne directly or email


London FA County Cup Team Sheet

2020-21 London FA Cup Rules - Adult Competitions

2020-21 capital women's cup rules

2020-21 capital women's cup teamsheet

County Cup Guidance - Sunday Adult Cups 2020-21

County Cup Guidance - Saturday Junior Cup (Adults)

2020-21 London FA Youth Cup Rules

County Cup Guidance - Youth Cups 2020-21

Referee Evaluation Sheet

There will be no extra time in all London Cups (youth and adult). All matches drawn after normal time will go straight to penalties with the exception of semi-finals and finals.

(Youth Matches) If your opposition do not provide Player ID Cards or a Whole Game System Player Registration print out before kick off, do not play the game.

Referee Fees 2020-21 (please note - these are flat fees) 
Referee Fees

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Packed full of information for everybody involved in grassroots football, make sure you download the London FA 2020/21 handbook now.