It is important to know the rules and regulations.

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Rules and regulations are used to govern all aspects of the game in London.

We all want to make sure football is played fairly and safely, right? That's why, not matter what your role in football is, it's important you're up-to-date on all the latest rules and regulations of the game. By ensuring you (and others around you) are familiar with the latest in the Laws of the Game, Discipline and more you'll be helping to make football in London as fair, safe and inclusive as it can be.

Frequently asked questions

For claims of wrongful dismissal or mistaken identity, we have strict time limits in which you can appeal a Referee's decision. Claims received late will not be considered.

In all cases the appeal fee, which must be submitted with details of your appeal is £50 (Steps 5 - 7). For Clubs outside the National League System and Youth the fee is £30.


You can make a claim of wrongful dismissal or mistaken identity via the Whole Game System.

See the video below for further information on making a claim of wrongful dismissal:

Ensuring a Player's date of birth and home address is on the Whole Game System is incredibly important. It is important because any discipline issues such as cautions and other offences can't be resolved until a Player's Football Association Number (FAN) has this information associated with it.

For example, you can pay for a Player's Yellow Card however if the Player's FAN does not include a date of birth and home address that Yellow Card remains as outstanding and will incur a late fee. This can lead to your Team becoming suspended due to outstanding debts.

Please remember, it is the responsibility of Club's to ensure all Player information is provided and not the London FA.

The process of this is very simple and is typically done by Club Secretaries.

Step 1) Log into the Whole Game System

Step 2) Select your Club Role tab at the top of the page

Step 3) Select the 'Player Registration' tab on the left hand side of the page. This tab is between 'Safeguarding' and 'Discipline'

Step 4) Find the Player through the search feature which can be found to the centre of the page

Step 5) Click on the Player's name

Step 6) You will then see the option to 'edit details' under the Player's photo (or photo icon) - click 'edit details'

Step 7) You will then see the option to input the Player's date of birth

Step 8) To add the Player's home address, you will need to scroll further down the page to 'Contact Details' where you will be able to input the Player's home address

Step 9) At the bottom of the page you will see the message 'By continuing, you are confirming that any individuals' data you are providing, or updating, is correct to the best of your knowledge, and that these individuals have given you permission to provide/update their details.' - beneath this message, you will see the option to 'Save Changes'

The Players date of birth and home address will now have been updated!


To discuss a suspension for Safeguarding Reasons, please contact our Safeguarding Team:

Nikeeta Patel, Designated Safeguarding Officer (phone: 07525237348, email: nikeeta.patel@londonfa.com)

Yasmin Dyer, Designated Safeguarding Officer (phone: 07720591755, email: yasmin.dyer@londonfa.com)

Marquel Ellis-Brooks, Safeguarding Adminsitrator (phone: 02076108360, email: marquel.ellis-brooks@londonfa.com)

If you are the Club Secretary or another Club Official, you can pay for Yellow and Red Cards and other Cases via the Whole Game System. To access the Whole Game System, click here.

The most efficient way to pay a Discipline Invoice is via the Whole Game System. The Team at London FA is relatively small and during busy hours we may not be able to take your call. Watch the video below for guidance on how you can pay:


In order for suspensions to be resolved, your club must add the Suspension Matches (the matches the player missed due to suspension) via the Whole Game System. The process is very simple. If you do not do this, your player will remain suspended.

Click here to download our Guide!

Sine die is suspension from all football. This can be for non-payment of fines or a serious case of misconduct.

    The Administration Fee is the charge for administering all offences. The Administration Fee for non-caution offences (send offs and all misconduct cases) has been amended to £15 to account for the additional administration of these cases. The Administration Fee for caution offences remains at £10.

    A Misconduct Case is for any incident that is beyond standard match-day discipline (Yellow/Red Card).

    If you require further information or assistance, please contact discipline@londonfa.com