we are inclusive

We Are Inclusive Pledge Project


Following the recent re-launch of our We Are Inclusive pledge project, we would like to invite all clubs and leagues to take a lead on promoting inclusive football opportunities across the county.

By taking the ‘We are Inclusive’ pledge you are joining us to make football more open to everyone within London and in turn improving the experience of playing the game in London. The pledge can me made on three different levels depending on the capacity of the club.

What does our club have to do if we sign up to the We Are Inclusive project?

Clubs and leagues decide their own pledge. It can be big or small and suit the ambitions of the club or league. To help clubs devise their pledges we have put together some examples you could sign up to.

We have split these example pledges into three levels which relate to the time and resources needed to complete a pledge:

  • Bronze = Minimal Time/Minimal costs.
  • Silver = Some commitment/some cost.
  • Gold = Weekly Commitment/Higher cost.



What’s included within your pledge?

  • A digital copy of the FA Equality Diversity and Inclusion calendar
  • Marketing assists
  • Promotion on LFA website that your club has achieved a We Are Inclusive Badge
  • Support from LFA Inclusions Officer to continue to make your club inclusive
  • Priority bookings on LFA Inclusion events and entered into an annual ‘We Are Inclusive’ pledge project prize draw

Please get in touch with Conor McBrearty (Disability and Inclusion Football Development Officer) on Conor.McBrearty@LondonFA.com if you need any support with pledge or if you need any further information.