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Extra Time Service


Is your team at risk of folding or do you know one that is? Perhaps you're struggling for players, coaches or even volunteers?

Don't call full-time on your team. Get the help you need with our extra-time service.

Here at London FA we're committed to helping grow the adult 11v11 game in the county and so we want to make sure any teams at risk of folding get the opportunity to get the help and advice they need. The Extra Time service gives leagues, clubs and volunteers the ability to make the London FA aware of any teams that may fold and the opportunity to seek help and advice.

Once a team has been identified we can help by providing support and guidance in the following areas:

Marketing and communications


Recruitment of players, coaches and or volunteers


Although we can't guarantee success, we can guarantee our staff will work closely with the team to give it every chance of staying alive and continuing to provide people with opportunities to play football.

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