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SNAP Sponsorship

SNAP’s unique portal enables effective management of sponsorship, while your professional profile, built by their team, allows potential sponsors to see all necessary information in one place.

When you sign up to SNAP, a dedicated and experienced Account Manager will build your sponsorship profile. Providing your club with a professional and streamlined sales page to help increase your chances of landing new sponsors and saving your volunteers significant amounts of time and resources.

SNAP also takes care of your existing partners: your Account Manager will load all of your pre-existing sponsors within your portal for management. Doing away with excel spreadsheets and black books, keeping all things ‘sponsorship’ in one place.

Once your Account Manager has completed your club’s build for just £295, you’ll be returned a ready-to-use platform which will increase your chances of selling sponsorship effectively and allow you to manage and report on your sponsorship portfolio more efficiently.

What tools do SNAP Provide?

• Aggregated social sharing across all channels simultaneously: facilitating a way to raise awareness and bypass gatekeepers, creating direct access to business owners and key decision makers.
• Task management and notification systems, empowering their clubs/teams/leagues/individuals with the most efficient tools to effectively view data and their sponsorship opportunities.
• Contractual and renewal prompts to professionalise your approach and increase the likelihood of renewal - reducing churn.
• Sponsorship reporting software: enabling their you to produce a spreadsheet or PDF at the touch of a button and feedback to the rest of the committee.

Once your club is live on SNAP, your Account Manager will be there to support you through your journey on the SNAP platform, sharing tips and insights for both securing and renewing deals, activation ideas to get new partnerships off the ground, social media sharing guidelines and more.

Using our ‘LondonFA’ discount code, you can claim your monthly subscription for just £8.25 - sign up now and join the hundreds of other clubs succeeding with SNAP.

Want to find out more?

SNAP’s webinars aim to open up the conversation around grassroots sport funding and the impact sponsorship can have on the success of clubs. The FREE 20 minute webinars are held every Wednesday at 12noon and 7:30pm - to cater for different work commitments!


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5 reasons why you would benefit from the snap platform

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