2016-17 London County Cups: Full List of Winners!

Cray Valley (PM) became the first ever Step 5 winners of the London Senior Cup (Sponsored by Coventry Scaffolding), completing a remarkable run in the

Adult Cup Finals 2016-17

London FA Senior Cup  - Cray Valley (PM) 2-1 Metropolitan Police FC

Dulwich Hamlet

Referee: Andreas Anastasiou

Assistant 1: Michael Begley

Assistant 2: Craig Kissi

4th Official: Lee Brennan

London FA Senior Trophy - Balham 3-2 Glebe

Corinthian Casuals

Referee: Peter Killip

Assistant 1: Rado Iliev

Assistant 2: Fabien Le Houezec

4th Official: Alexis Stacchini

London FA Junior Cup - Tottenham Hale Rangers 2-2 Lewisham Athletic (3-2 on penalties)

Redbridge FC

Referee: Alasdair King

Assistant 1: Robert Columb

Assistant 2: Ede Eruero

4th Official: Alex Baker

London FA Sunday Trophy - Livadia 1-0 Sporting Continental

Hendon FC

Referee: Ashley Hickson-Lovence

Assistant 1: Ivaylo Kyosev

Assistant 2: Caspar Vick

4th Official: Val Anekwe

London FA Sunday Challenge Cup - Olympia FC 1-4 New Salamis

Wingate & Finchley FC

Referee: Wally James

Assistant 1: Bruno Gaisie

Assistant 2: Ross Mortimer

4th Official: Paul Agboola

London FA Veterans Cup - Manford Way 3-0 Livingstone RARA


Referee: Orville Bentley

Assistant 1: Spencer Donnelly

Assistant 2: Michael Wingate

4th Official: Humphrey O’Connor

Capital Women’s Senior Cup - Tottenham Hotspur Ladies 1-2 Charlton Athletic Women’s

Wingate & Finchley FC

Referee: Hugh Gilroy

Assistant 1: Bethany Archer

Assistant 2: Nabila Youssouf

4th Official: Lior Koskas

Player of the Match: Kit Graham

Capital Women’s Intermediate CupQueens Park Rangers U18 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur Ladies Reserves

Bedfont Sports

Referee: Chris Hartley (Middlesex FA)

Assistant 1: Debbie Hartley (Middlesex FA)

Assistant 2: Louise Healy (Middlesex FA)

4th Official: Mervyn Hughes (Middlesex FA)

Player of the Match: Cheryl Williams

Capital Women’s Junior CupWhyteleafe FC Ladies 1-5 Ashford Town Ladies

Bedfont Sports

Referee: Steve Earl (Surrey FA)

Assistant 1: Dave Lawton (Surrey FA)

Assistant 2: Callum Peter (Surrey FA)

4th Official: Adrian Freeman (Surrey FA)

Player of the Match: Vicky James


Youth Cup Finals 2016-17

Saturday U12 – Lambeth Tigers 4 v 1 Eastside United

Long Lane JFC

Referee: William Evans

Assistant 1: James Charlton

Assistant 2: Lucas Hooker

Fourth Official: Salaheldin Gassin

Player of the Match: Niall Bennett (Eastside United)

Saturday U13 – BedHead 1 v 3 Camden Elite

Long Lane JFC

Referee: Salaheldin Gassin

Assistant 1: Simeon Joseph

Assistant 2: Neil Hagger

Fourth Official: Abdal Ahmed

Player of the Match: Joseph West (Camden Elite)

Saturday U14 – Camden Elite 1 v 0 AFC Nasaa

Long Lane JFC

Referee: Abdal Ahmed

Assistant 1: Luke Steele

Assistant 2: Matt Chappell

Fourth Official: Neil Hagger

Player of the Match: Luke Soteriou (Camden Elite)

Saturday U15 – Capital Learning Academy 2 v 1 Lambeth Tigers

Thamesmead Town FC

Referee: Nabila Youssouf

Assistant 1: Sobastian Frazer

Assistant 2: Clive Christian

Fourth Official: Alan Hill

Player of the Match: Ronnie Hughes (CLA)

Saturday U16 – Lambeth Tigers 2 v 1 AFC Nasaa

Thamesmead Town FC

Referee: Jhon Sarmeinto

Assistant 1: Dave Raval

Assistant 2: Allen Cruickshanks

Fourth Official: Kerry Yeomanson

Player of the Match: Zachary Hallett (Lambeth Tigers)

Sunday U12 –Aztec Blue 2 v 0 Ryan FC (AET)

Mile End Stadium

Referee: Bruno Gaisie

Assistant 1: Rodrigue Mesquite da Cunha

Assistant 2: Bobby Breen

Fourth Official: Robert Redman

Player of the Match: George Murray Jones (Ryan FC)

Sunday U13 – HF Sports Paulista 0 v 3 Erith and Belvedere

Mile End Stadium

Referee: Ebenezer Adebanjo

Assistant 1: Timi Adeyanju

Assistant 2: Kenny Wilkins

Fourth Official: Athanasios Kostouros

Player of the Match: Che Hair (Erith and Belvedere)

Sunday U14 – Barking Juniors 3 v 2 Greenwich Borough FC

Meridian Sports

Referee: Brian Clark

Assistant 1: Steve McWilliam

Assistant 2: Ross Howell

Fourth Official: Ken Ballie

Player of the Match: Rhys Gordon (Barking FC)

Sunday U15 – Barking Juniors 0 v 1 Erith and Belvedere

Mile End Stadium

Referee: Nick O'Donnell 

Assistant 1: Joe Fitzpatrick 

Assistant 2: Morgan Conn 

Fourth Official: Steve Acons

Player of the Match: Harry Hepworth (Erith and Belvedere)

Sunday U16 – Ryan Red EJA 6 v 1 Balham Blazers Eagles

Mile End Stadium

Referee: Michael Wingate 

Assistant 1: Lee Bartlett 

Assistant 2: Lucas Hooker 

Fourth Official: Tom Bradford

Player of the Match: Samir Ali (Ryan)

Sunday U17 – Santley Athletic 5 v 1 AFC Chislehurst

Mile End Stadium

Referee: Ross Mortimer

Assistant 1: Belin Demirov

Assistant 2: Darren Kavanagh

Fourth Official: James Goodman

Player of the Match: Kieron Power-Daly (Camden Elite)

Sunday U18 – Phoenix Sports 3 v 1 Glebe

Meridian Sports

Referee: Spencer Donnelly

Assistant 1: Karl Parker

Assistant 2: Ashley Da Santos

Fourth Official: Dajour McKenzie-George

Player of the Match: Macey Malyon (Phoenix Sports)

Capital Girls’ U13 CupSt. Josephs ‘88 2-2 Hendon (5-4 on penalties)

Bedfont Sports

Referee: Olga Svailkevic

Assistant 1: Stephanie Lupano

Assistant 2: Reanna Rhodes

4th Official: Alexandra Lupano

Player of the Match: Francesca Ellis

Capital Girls’ U15 Cup - Tottenham Hotspur Ladies 2-0 Denham United Ladies

Bedfont Sports

Referee: James Kerten (AFA)

Assistant 1: Alexandra Lupano

Assistant 2: Thomas Prime (AFA)

4th Official: Stephanie Lupano

Player of the Match: Niamh Reynolds

Capital Girls’ U17 CupEnfield Town Ladies 7-0 Ruislip Rangers Girls

Bedfont Sports

Referee: George Grant (Middlesex FA)

Assistant 1: Nigel Hickes (Middlesex FA)

Assistant 2: Abigail Wileman (Middlesex FA)

4th Official: Sachin Patel (Middlesex FA)

Player of the Match: Macy Diaz

A big thanks must go to the Cups and Competitions Committee for their hard work in supporting all of our finals, and also to all of our host grounds. The selected match officials were appointed to the finals as a result of their excellent performance throughout the season and their excellent performance reflected this. A special mention to Referee’s Committee Member Jeff Pettit who kindly supplied the Senior Cup Match Officials with new kit for the Final.

Entry for next year’s competitions is now open – remember to enter during your club’s affiliation process!