London FA Joins Zero Suicide LDN Campaign

London FA has joined the drive to help Londoners support each other and prevent suicides in the capital.

London FA is proud to join the campaign for 100,000 Londoners to complete the Zero Suicide Alliance’s free online suicide prevention training so they can help play their part in saving lives.

We are asking the capital's grassroots football, and the wider sporting community, to complete and promote the training too. 

Suicide is the highest cause of death for people between 15–29 years, with the most disadvantaged groups most at risk. Someone takes their own life every 90 minutes in the UK and in London, the sad truth is suicide is the cause of death of around 12 Londoners every week. 

This free 20-minute training – which London FA's CEO, Paul Bickerton, has completed – is designed to show how to have a direct and honest conversation about suicide with friends and family. It combines facts with real life stories to show the impact it has on people’s lives.

The goal is to break the stigma of talking about the subject, suicidal thoughts and bereavement, and help London become a ‘zero suicide city’. This follows research that shows talking honestly and openly about suicide has helped to save lives.

The aim is for 100,000 Londoners to complete the training by September next year and the campaign is being led by Thrive LDN, the citywide social movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners.

Paul Bickerton, CEO of London FA, said: “The training really opened my eyes to how I could help spot the signs that any of our friends, colleagues or loved ones may be in crisis,and I’ve learned how I could help them to seek help. There is so much stigma attached to mental health, and suicide in particular – an unwillingness to openly face it and to discuss it. That is why this campaign is so important. As a club we can show our supporters that there is nothing to be feared in talking about suicide and mental health. 
We can all do our bit to look out for fellow Londoners."

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, added: “Suicide is a tragedy, for those who take their own life and for the loved ones they leave behind. It’s important that we break the stigma of talking about suicide so we can all play our part in helping those in need. 

"That’s why I’m delighted that London FA has joined our campaign to take this free online suicide prevention training. Together, by having more open and honest conversations we can support each other and move closer to achieving our ultimate ambition of becoming a zero-suicide city.”

The training can be accessed here