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Youth Council Receives Generous Donation

London FA's youth council among three beneficiaries.

London FA’s Youth Council is pleased to announce that it has received a generous donation from Neil Le Milliere and the Archbishops Park Lunchtime League.

Paul Bickerton and Neil Le MilliareThe Archbishops Park Lunchtime League was an eight-a-side competition that was run for members of the Civil Service. Unfortunately, due to difficulties regarding venue, the league was suspended for two years, before eventually being forced to fold.

Having been running for over 50 years, the league possesses some remaining funds, which have now been kindly allocated to three different organisations; one of which being the London FA’s Youth Council.

Neil Le Milliere, one of the leagues officials, was keen to ensure that leftover money from the league went towards a cause that creates opportunities in football. A trustee of Exeter City Football Club, Neil has also served on the national council for the Football Supporters Association (FSA). Neil was also named Fan of the Year at the 2013 Football League Awards.

Neil said: “With the unfortunate demise of our longstanding Archbishops Park Lunchtime League, our committee felt it was important that our remaining funds were disposed of in the spirit of the league. This had always had a big focus on providing opportunities to play football for all, as well as on charities.

“Therefore, we have split the funds into three and given two thirds to charities associated with football; Mind (mental health) and Man (prostate cancer). The third, we wanted to put into football, and given we were registered with the London FA, whose Youth Council looks to benefit young people through football, this seemed a perfect fit.”

The London FA Youth Council is very grateful to accept this donation, which will be of great benefit over coming seasons. In the next year, the Youth Council has plans to create a volunteer network for young people across the city. With Wembley serving as a venue for Euro 2020, this donation should enable the Youth Council to run a programme of events, which will increase youth participation and engagement in London, whilst building a legacy from the tournament.

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