Football & Ramadan

The FA releases 2020 Football & Ramadan factsheet ahead of this year's holy month.

Ramadan is this year expected to begin around 23 April and end around 23 May.

It is the most important and spiritual time of year for many Muslims and, as a result, many may change their routine, activities and work/life balance for this period.

The FA has published a new Ramadan and Football Factsheet for this year, which is full of more information regarding Ramadan and the way that fasting impacts daily life.

Of course, this year is slightly different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all football and communal sport/activity suspended at this time.

However, the sheet is still full of relevant information to provide everybody involved in grassroots football with a better understanding of Ramadan and the traditions associated with this holy month.

Also, featured within this year’s sheet is London FA’s own Yashmin Harun, who said: “Ramadan is meant to be challenging but in 2020 we have the additional challenge of COVID-19. We must all think of the greater good and strictly follow NHS guidelines, being extra mindful that we don’t put ourselves at extra risk of further health issues. At this time, thinking of others has many meanings.

“Ramadan is a very important time for Muslim families, men, women and children. Many Muslims of all backgrounds love football and it’s our job as the gatekeepers to the game to make sure they can enjoy it appropriately during this time of togetherness.”


Everybody at the County FA wishes Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim friends and colleagues.