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Register Your Interest - Free FA Club Webinar

The FA's next Club Webinar takes place on 26 March 2020.

London FA-affiliated clubs are advised to save the date for the next FREE FA Club Webinar.

Following on from February’s webinar, the next – entitled ‘How Do We Know We Have Made It? – Defining Success At Your Club Or League’ will be taking place between 8pm and 9pm on Thursday 26 March 2020.


Webinar - How Do We Know We Have Made ItThe aim of these webinars is to provide a series of free, online support services for clubs of all shapes and sizes, as well as allowing volunteers to access relevant content at the comfort of their own home.

Sessions will be led by an expert on the topic co presented by volunteer(s) from club(s) who will share their story and experiences around the topic. There will be an open discussion towards the end of the webinar where volunteers can ask questions and gain best practice from both the ‘expert’ and the volunteer(s).

A topic a month will be discussed with the time of the webinars remaining consistent 8pm – 9pm, but the days will vary each month and will be communicated at the end of the webinar and then further promoted through relevant social media channels and online platforms.

When a new webinar topic is released volunteers will be required to sign up, where from there relevant details on the link to join and post webinar information can be shared accordingly.

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