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Discipline Update to Clubs - Please Check Suspensions

London FA clubs are encouraged to read this latest update to clubs, requesting they check WGS for details of suspensions.

Throughout lockdown, the discipline team at London FA have been working hard to ensure that ongoing investigations are progressed in a timely manner. 

It is still the responsibility of clubs, especially club secretaries, to make sure correspondence is responded to in time. 

Though London FA will empathise with clubs during the pandemic, we will not accept the circumstances as an excuse to ignore any correspondence from London FA that is time bound; i.e. correspondence that must be responded to by a deadline, for example, misconduct charges. 

Therefore, we urge clubs to check Whole Game System (WGS) for any new notifications ESPECIALLY if you have been contacted by an investigations officer during the investigation. 

For cases that must be heard in 28 days, you should have also received an email informing you of the charge.

If you have been emailed and notified on the WGS and still do not respond to a charge, we will not honour any late requests for a personal hearing and a failure to provide a response will not prevent a case being heard, especially if the club have been given every chance to respond. 

Please also note that you should be making sure every effort is made in making sure any suspensions accurately reflect the matches a player has missed.

If you have added matches that have been cancelled, they will not count towards the suspension.

We really do not want to charge clubs for playing players under suspension so please double check this. The responsibility is on clubs to make sure the information is accurate. 

For any questions, please email