Black History Month

Is Racism Football's Greatest Fault Line?

A powerful and though-provoking video featuring representatives of The FA.

"This isn’t about discrimination; this is out and out racism. Racism has never gone away. Football is not responsible for societal issues, but football has got a massive role to play." - Paul Elliott. 

Watch Butch Fazal (FA Coach Inclusion and Diversity Manager), Piara Powar (Director of FARE), Troy Townsend (Head of Development, Kick it Out), Paul Elliott (Chair of The FA’s Advisory Board) as they deconstruct, through debate, how racism continues to manifest itself within the game and explore a solution-based approach to ultimately erase this stain on the beautiful game. 

They consider: 

  • In 60 years of highlighting the issue, have we truly moved the dial? 
  • The intricacies and nuances of systemic issues that pervade the game with so many different stakeholders involved. 
  • Are organisations doing enough? Does everyone recognise the issue for what it is and is it time for a collaborative approach?
  • Their own individual positions, including Paul’s input to the voluntary code for equality in football leadership.
  • Where do we hope to be five years from now?

You can watch the full discussion below.

FA Learning have lots of great content and webinars on Black History Month all throughout October, for coaches and anyone else interested.

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