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Let's Keep Football Going

London FA is encouraging everybody to keep vigilant and safe to help ensure that grassroots football continues.

These are uncertain times - and London FA is very mindful of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it is having on all of us.   

We’re seeing the rate of infection increase nationally and it would be foolish to consider that this increase in infections will not at some point have an impact on London.

We’re desperate to ensure that grassroots football continues – and we genuinely believe that it can…  with your help and vigilance.

We have all been inspired by the amazing work that has been carried out by our clubs and leagues in response to the measures put in place, making sure that grassroots football is played in as safe an environment as possible.

We’re urging everybody; staff, players and volunteers, to continue to follow the Code of Conduct as set out on our website (here).   Please also be mindful of your actions away from football, as they also have an impact on whether grassroots football can continue to be played.

If we all work together, grassroots football can remain healthy and provide much needed relief from the on-going challenges we face day-to-day. London FA is here to provide everyone with the latest advice, the best guidance and the tools to be able to follow the Code and keep grassroots football safe for all of us.

It’s possible that the government and the FA may have to take further action. But until then we can all play our part – let’s keep football going in London.

As always thank you again for your continued tireless efforts and support.

James Middlehurst – Independent Chair
Paul Bickerton – Chief Executive Officer