London FA Disability 'We Are Inclusive' Pledge Project

An invite all clubs and leagues to take a lead on promoting disability football opportunities across the capital.

London FA would like to invite all clubs and leagues to take a lead on promoting disability football opportunities across the county.

Disability Football is one of the game’s greatest secrets and we need your support to promote the wide variety of opportunities across the county.

Did you know we have 50 affiliated teams across the county? Or that we have two pan-disability league each with three divisions, as well as a league that caters for adults with Mental Health conditions?

We all too often hear stories of players dropping out of the mainstream game as clubs are unable to meet their needs. Promoting alternative opportunities or improving awareness could help keep players in the game we all love. 

Football’s biggest secret? Not anymore. This is why we are asking all grassroots clubs and leagues to pledge their support in promoting disability football.

Pledges can be made on 3 levels:

*Those highlights * are compulsory and all clubs must make these pledges.

Bronze Level:
Minimum of 3 bronze level pledges to qualify. 
Display LFA Club Directory in your club house and/or add the LFA Club Directory to your website*
Share the LFA Club Directory on your social media platforms 
Audit the players within your club who have a disability
Plan to develop club facilities for disabled players & spectators 
Attend LFA disability focus group
Promote any disability events
Put a coach/ committee member through the FA’s Safeguarding Adult’s course*
Silver Level:
Minimum of 2 silver level pledges to qualify.
Put a coach through the Coaching Disabled Footballers course 
Run a Disability Awareness/ disability CPD workshop delivered by LFA or another equivalent organisation (DSC, Sense, National Autistic Society) for your club
Create a club disability champion to drive disability inclusivity at the club
Support aspiring disabled players to complete the FA’s Playmaker Course
Promote the England Disability Talent Pathway to eligible players at your club
Make at least one session inclusive for disabled people and advertise accordingly
Link with other local clubs to support delivery and networks
- Mainstream clubs to link with disability club
- Disability club to link with mainstream club 
Gold Level:
Minimum of 1 gold level pledge to qualify.
Set up a youth disability team at your club 
Set up an adult disability team at your club 
Set up an impairment specific disability team at your club 
Set up a recreational football session for people with a disability
Put a disabled player on the Level 1 Coaching

What’s included within your pledge?

A hard copy of the LFA Disability Football Club Directory
A digital copy of the LFA Disability Football Club Directory
Marketing assists
Promotion on LFA website that your club has achieved a We Are Inclusive Badge
Support from LFA Inclusions Officer to continue to make your club inclusive for disabled people
Access to the LFA disability support group
Priority bookings on LFA disability events
Entered into an annual ‘We Are Inclusive’ pledge project prize draw

To start your pledge, please click here


For more information about We Are Inclusive project or to ask any follow up questions, please contact London FA Disability Football Development Officer Conor Mc Brearty, via the details below.

Email: conor.mcbrearty@londonfa.com

07834 049661

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