Football .V. Homophobia sign at Culver Road

London FA Proud to Support Football v Homophobia

We're encouraging leagues and clubs to join us.

Football v Homophobia’s month of action commences in February and, throughout the month, London FA will be sharing resources, webinars and information for our clubs and leagues to get involved.

Ahead of this year’s month of action, leagues and clubs can visit the Football v Homophobia (FvH) Grassroots page, which enables you to sign up to pledge your support for the activity over the course of February. In return, you will receive a pack with plenty of resources on offer to show your support.

Whilst the current football season has been impacted by COVID restrictions, the FvH Month of Action will still go ahead in 2021. Whilst clubs may not be able to designate games to the campaign during February due to any restrictions on grassroots sport at that time, FvH are calling on clubs to use the Month of Action to reflect on how inclusive they are to LGBT+ people, and to identify meaningful action which can be taken to improve this.

FvH recognises this is an individual journey for each club, so our campaign pack will provide different ideas which clubs can adapt.

If football is permitted to take place during February, clubs will also be able to dedicate a matchday to the FvH Month of Action, as in previous years. If this is not the case, clubs can identify a suitable date in the future and we would ask that clubs use February to share their support for the campaign on social media.

Clubs interested in getting involved with the campaign will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Identify an area/areas to improve LGBTIQ+ inclusion at their club
  • Share what actions they are taking as a club, via social media channels during February, using #FvH2021
  • Designate a match day to Football v Homophobia in 2021, when safe
  • Share the matchday event across social media platforms
  • Communicate activity to the opposing team on match day

What you’ll receive

Clubs that sign up will be emailed a campaign pack with some top tips on creating a more inclusive environment and how to make the most of a designated match day. You will receive a rainbow match ball prior to your designated match, along with education leaflets for players. Your club badge will also be added to FvH’s 2021 Champions page.

(Please note: whilst the project is open to teams of all ages, we only supply size 5 match balls. It is strictly one ball permitted per dedicated match)


As stated, over the course of the month of action, a number of events will be taking place.