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Get Back on the Pitch with Footy Addicts

As part of their partnership with London FA, Footy Addicts are organising hundreds of games each week across London.

With grassroots football returning on Monday 29 March 2021, Footy Addicts has 500 games a week to choose from across London.

It’s been a challenging year for our city's football community, and we know that many of you are desperate to get back out on the pitch. Chris, who before lockdown would play Footy Addicts games once a week after work, feels that the lack of football ‘has left a big hole’ in his life; as soon as football is allowed again, it is the first thing that he wants to do.

From March 29th, small-sided matches will be available around London, at a time and place to suit you. Simply check out the Footy Addicts website or app, browse the games, sign up and play.

Footy Addicts is a welcoming, friendly and growing community across London. Gemma, a photographer who regularly plays in Footy Addicts women’s games, says that the games have ‘such a nice atmosphere to learn and build up confidence’.

In line with London FA’s strategy, Footy Addicts has embraced new technology to make it as easy as possible for everyone to play football. According to music producer Daryl, there’s not a platform like it in London ‘where you can just go online, find your game and click onto it’.

Whether you’re an individual player, a group of friends, or a team wanting to supplement your training, Footy Addicts gives you a simple way to find games that are close to you.

In line with the FA’s guidance published this week, Footy Addicts offers a chance to return to football through a safe, friendly and high-quality experience.

There’s never been an easier way to play football all over London. Just go online, click to join, turn up with your boots and play!

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