An Update from the LFA Discipline Team

The London FA discipline department has issued an important update for all grassroots players and clubs.

The London FA discipline department is very concerned about the high volume of players being reported to us for playing whilst suspended.

Clubs will face disciplinary action for doing so and given football is starting again, we find ourselves regretfully charging clubs for playing players who are suspended.

Please remember:

  • If a player is sent off, their suspension automatically starts on the 7th day. Your notification is the player physically leaving the pitch.
  • If you don’t receive the paperwork, the suspension does NOT go away. Clubs MUST contact the LFA if they do not receive it.
  • Non-receipt of paperwork is not an excuse to player a player under suspension.
  • A proven breach of FA rule E12 can carry up to a £200 fine.

If you are ever unsure, email and we can advise.

Please check your suspensions before the match.