Snap Sponsorship

Help Secure Sponsorship For Your Club Or League

On 13 October, SNAP Sponsorship is running a webinar providing tips on securing sponsorship.

Help secure sponsorship for your club or league

Our partners at SNAP Sponsorship will be running a short webinar on Wednesday 13th October to help give you tips on how to secure potential sponsorship.

SNAP Sponsorship is a not-for-profit business dedicated to helping the survival of grassroots, local and regional sport in the UK. SNAP run an online sponsorship management, education and social sharing tool designed in-hand with grassroots volunteers to help all sports clubs toward financial sustainability through sponsorship success.

The SNAP Portal does all the hard-work for you, showing previous discussions with potential sponsors with relevant date and time-stamps. Once the deal is confirmed, it creates the contract and allows both parties to create a 'next steps' list to enable a swift, collaborative partnership.

Details on how to sign up to the upcoming webinars can be found below.

12:00PM - 12:30PM

7:30PM - 8:00PM

Interested? For more information about how it could help your club, please contact Aquila Burgess at