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Proud To Be A Sports Therapist

London FA spoke with Tyrone Cassius, a sports therapist, who told us how proud he is of his job.

During October, London FA are connecting with our members exploring the Black History Month theme of Proud To Be.

Today, we spoke to Tyrone Cassius who is a sports therapist. Tyrone is Director of Specifeye Health & Wellbeing and Head Therapist at Dulwich Hamlet FC.


I am proud to work in the health and fitness industry as a Sports Therapist, running my own injury clinic and leading the medical team at an established London football club. However, within my 8 years I must say I have not seen many other rehab experts who look like me. Not to say they are not out there, I just feel there is not a strong representation in the football pyramid. It does make me proud that the black community has a professional that they may find easier to relate to and work with in certain situations.

One of my passions is to provide a platform for the next batch of physios, undergraduates or post graduates. Allowing them to work at my clinic and at Dulwich Hamlet FC, helps them to gain hands-on experience with real injuries and gain an understanding as to what a career in this field could look like. I think it is so important for young, black therapists to be given an opportunity and if I can provide that I will.

In recent years, I have set up a hub for recent medical graduates, where they can connect, share ideas and work together. Also, any jobs or projects that I get told about I will refer them through to help them get a foot in the door and build their portfolio and professional network.

My aim is to provide for other young black therapists what wasn't always provided for me!

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