Why Nicholas Wright Is Proud To Be A Coach Educator

We caught up with Nicholas Wright, who shared what makes him proud about being in the coaching community.

For the last week of Black History Month, we are catching up with London FA coach educators about what makes them proud to be part of the coaching community and what advice they would give to aspiring coaches. 

 Nicholas Wright body shot

When did you first start coaching? What were your goals at that time?

 2012 - my dream was to become a professional football coach.

What is your current coaching role?

 Head of U12 at AFC Wimbledon.

From the start of your journey to your current role, can you state the length of time it took to attain your highest qualification and how have the qualifications helped you?

I attained my level 1 in 2012 and my UEFA B in 2018. The qualifications are like tools for your tool box, the higher you go the more tools you accumulate and the more problem you can fix and solutions you can find.

Who are your coaching role models?

Tough to answer but everyone I come into contact with.

As an FA affiliated tutor, what advice would you give to grassroots coaches?

Take from other people and do what works best for your a better version of you every session.

What are your coaching aspirations for the future?

To keep working in and amongst professional programmes.

If you are interested in getting your coaching qualifications, you can check out the coaching pathway here. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

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