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Logo Limelight Contest Winners – Venezia Dons

A few weeks ago, London FA ran their first ever Logo Limelight Contest to celebrate the stories behind London grassroots badges.

After our vote went live at the end of August, we had an astounding number of votes which resulted in one clear winner, Venezia Dons!

As part of their win, we asked Venezia Dons’ Alexander to share their story with us and how they came to form this season.

We formed the club officially earlier this year having been plotting and planning for the best part of the year. We have spent hundred of hours in virtual and physical board meetings in 2020 and early 2021 with the aim of building a squad, deciding on a name, drafting a club constitution, modelling various types of memberships that we would offer and the associated joining costs we would charge, assigning board committee roles, obtaining sponsorship finance, developing a kit design, locating a home ground, contacting a league to join, affiliating with the London FA, launching a fan base and social media presence, opening a business bank account… the list goes on.

Whilst every club I’m sure knows of all the challenges associated with launching a new club, the sheer number of tasks took us by surprise and it’s a challenge we embraced openly, and one that has culminated in a brand and a philosophy that we are proud to call our own.

We have six founders and we’ve all known each other since the age of 11-13, and we have all invited our friends for our time spent around the country at different universities to join our squad which really gives us an organic identity where everyone feels connected to others in the club. We’ve got shared experiences, shared friendships and a like-mindedness in how we want to approach our football - that being that enjoyment comes from practicing professionalism - and that’s what we’re trying to exercise in everything we do as a club.
Congratulations Venezia Dons and we look forward to seeing how you get on in you first season as a club!