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LFA Discipline Team Update

The London FA discipline department has issued an important update for all grassroots clubs.

This is a reminder from the London FA Discipline Department to advise clubs that they must ensure they upload suspension matches on to the Whole Game System.

Should one of your players receive a red card, or if a misconduct charge is raised against them, they will automatically be suspended on the Whole Game System. Suspension matches are the games the player misses to serve and complete their suspension. It is a requirement of the club to ensure these are updated on the system to ensure the suspension can be cleared accordingly.

If a player has served their suspension, but you do not upload the matches, they will inaccurately flag as suspended and this can impact their participation in league matches, cup competitions, and playing in general.

Please find FA guidance on how clubs can upload suspension matches in the link below:

Please note that you will only be able to add matches that have taken place in the 2021-22 season. For any historical suspensions that require clearing, please email