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Football For Future Teams Up With Nike To Deliver Handbook for Athletes

Nike athletes educated on impact of climate change through Football For Future handbook.

Environmental football non-profit, Football For Future, have launched a new handbook for Nike athletes, supporting them to become Climate Champions. 

Climate Champions are individuals who use their platform to stand up for the planet. Football For Future have created this handbook to inspire Nike athletes on this journey.

The Climate Champion Handbook explains:

The fundamentals of climate change.
The interrelationship between climate, sustainability and football. 
What Football For Future is doing to tackle climate change. 
How Nike is mitigating environmental impact. 
How Nike athletes can make a difference.

EURO 2022 winner and England defender Lotte Wubben-Moy is the first Nike athlete to be sent the Climate Champion Handbook. It has also been sent to Kai Havertz (Chelsea, midfield), Jessie Fleming (Chelsea, midfield), Magdalena Eriksson (Chelsea, defence) and Eric Dier (Tottenham, defence). 

EURO 2022 winner and England defender, Lotte Wubben-Moy, said: “The climate crisis is now and it’s not something we can avoid. If football is going to have a future, the sport needs to use its relations with the world’s biggest brands and companies to ensure they do their part. Sponsors have a responsibility to educate their athletes on the interrelationship between football and climate change - and Nike partnering with Football For Future to produce this handbook is a step in the right direction.”

Football For Future Founder, Elliot Arthur-Worsop, said: “We’re delighted to work with Lotte and Nike on this pioneering project to activate athletes in the climate space. There is such exciting potential if we can support players and brands to use their platforms to educate their followers about important issues and redefine the climate conversation for new audiences. There is a long way to go - but this is a good first step.”

The recipients of the Climate Champion Handbook have received it as part of a toolkit, which also includes a limited-edition and upcycled-by-hand Football For Future x Nike football shirt, featuring patches designed by ILOVEDUST. 

The toolkit includes social media assets explaining the interrelationship between football and climate change, framed for football fans.

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