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London FA Discipline Update

London FA Discipline team would like to remind everyone of the following

The London FA Discipline Department would like to advise all members of grassroots football in London that it is very important that any discipline matters are reported directly to London FA.
Registered Match Officials
All registered Match Officials should report discipline directly via The Whole Game System. This includes the following:
• Cautions and Sending Offs
• Extraordinary Reports / Misconduct Offences
• Abandoned Matches
Should any qualified Match Officials not have access to the Whole Game System, this should be notified to our Referee Development Team directly at where they can assist you with accessing the system or advising further.
Anyone other than a Registered Match Official
Unregistered and/or unqualified Match Officials carry the same powers and duties of a registered Match Official for the purpose of that match. This means that the Match Official can administer discipline on and off the field of play and should report this to London FA. 
Should any player, manager, parent, spectator, or anyone else involved in grassroots football wish to report a discipline matter, concern, or report an act of misconduct, please directly email This will ensure all reports are received and will be investigated accordingly and appropriately by our Discipline Team.
We would like to advise that any reports are included in the subject heading when sending an email. For example, the following can ensure we are aware of what is being reported to us:
• Subject Line: “ABANDONED MATCH – Team A v Team B on [date]”
• Subject Line: “DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT – Team 1 v Team 2 on [date]”
If reports are not received directly via the Whole Game System or via the above email address, it may take us longer to be made aware of these reports and begin our investigation.
If you need to report a safeguarding concern, contact Harry Woodley at either or call on 07525237348.

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