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Blog Post: Farah Chowdhury

The growth in women’s football is now sustainable.

For today’s blog, Arsenal Women’s Supporters Club Vice Chair Farah Chowdhury discusses how she felt football wasn’t for people like her and how getting involved with Arsenal Women helped her find her space and voice within the female game.

"Football has been a big part of my life since I was six. I had a ‘Bend it like Beckham’ moment growing up and was lucky enough to be scouted very young. All I ever knew was playing with boys and I loved every minute of it but as there always is, my experience wasn’t always great. I suffered a lot of racial abuse as I was always the only South Asian player on the team and I didn’t have the emotional backing from my parents, which was hard. I gave up on the opportunity because at the time I felt the game was not meant for someone who looked like me. They were not ready for it. Arsenal Women showed me representation when I had given up on the game. I have been a loyal fan since I was 16.

farah chowdhury

"I have recently been elected as Vice Chair and on the committee for Arsenal Women Supporters Club and I look after the social media and ticketing to continue the growth and work we did last season. I work closely with Arsenal Women Football Club to make this happen and they have been amazing with us. I am part of the singing group the Red and White, and very proud of what we have achieved and created in the north bank at Meadow Park and The Emirates.. This was all achieved in 5 months. A solid team effort. I look after the social media and content for the Red and White too. TikTok and Instagram has been a game changer this past season and the acknowledgment from the players has been lovely. This has taken over my life and I loved every second of it. I want to bring all the skills I have learnt and play a part in the growth of this game.

"One thing I’ve learnt is knowledge and work ethic gets you far. Finding a balance on building relationships and being a person people want to lean on. My job as a Talent Acquisition Partner helped me so much when I started these Arsenal projects, as I quickly realised there are so many transferable skills. - People Management - Building Relationships - Interacting and learning from other content creators in the sport. I do all of this work because I want to be a part of the change, and make difference within diversity in women’s football, discussing cultural blockers within the game and give it more of a voice within the media."

You can also hear more about what Farah is up to with the Arsenal Women’s Supporters Club by watching her interview at London FA Girls Cup day below.