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Upcoming webinar - How to Analyse and Record Football with Veo Technologies

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Veo is hosting a webinar for all clubs, teams, players & coaches within our community on Wednesday 23rd August.

The purpose of the webinar is to show how Veo works, how clubs are using Veo and how it can help take grassroots football to that next level. Veo produce cameras that bring professional match recording and analytics to clubs at a grassroots level. This webinar will help clubs to understand how the camera works, as well as showing off some of the features and benefits of the camera.

The topics that Veo will cover within the webinar are:

  • What is Veo and how does it work 
  • Let’s educate the grassroots community: How can Veo benefit you as a coach, player or team. How grassroots teams fund their VEO purchase.
  • How to Analyse Football using Veo; the basic features (create highlights, tag players, draw on screen, filtering) 
  • Veo Analytics; The more in-depth player analysis
  • How is Veo used by Clubs: Club User Case Study  
  • Q&A: The opportunity to ask the Veo team anything else you need  to know!

There will be an opportunity to get a recording of the webinar after it takes place.

This webinar is perfect for any clubs considering taking advantage of Veo’s best offer of the year – 50% off a Veo Cam 2! which ends on Thursday 31st August.