Try your team out at the Hackney Marshes Girls League 2022-23 for free!

We've secured FA funding for Hackney Council to allow teams the chance to try out the HMGL for free!

We’re proud to have been able to secure FA funding for the Hackney Marshes Girls League (HMGL) to allow teams to play in the Virtual League Fixtures (VLF).

A VLF is an option introduced to Divisions in the League for external teams who may have an interest in joining the League for the 2022/23 or future seasons. A VLF gives an external team the opportunity to play an informal friendly match that has a feel of a formal league match. A VLF is the perfect way to find out about the HMGL and to experience what it would be like to be a team in the League by being a part of the HMGL matchday experience.

A VLF will be free for your club and there is no need to pay any pitch hire or referee fees!

The stages to participate in a VLF are as follows:

  • If your club has a girls team/s that is from the U11 to U15 age group then a VLF is available to you. (A VLF can also be arranged for teams outside of this age group on request).
  • If you are interested in taking part in a VLF then you will need to contact michael.cole@hackney.gov.uk
  • Once you have made contact with the League, we will then aim to arrange a VLF against one of the teams in the League at the age group of your team.
  • If there are multiple external teams who are interested in participating in a VLF at the same age group, then the VLF fixture can be played between these teams.
  • The VLF fixture will take place alongside all of the League’s fixtures which are played on a Saturday at Hackney Marshes or Mabley Green.
  • The VLF and results will be posted on the League’s FA Full Time website.

Please note the arrangement of multiple VLFs will be dependent on pitch availability.

If your club are interested in participating in a VLF or if you would like to find out more information, then please contact Michael Cole on michael.cole@hackney.gov.uk or 020 7356 208