stacie king

Grassroots Heroes Awards 2023 - Positive Football Environment Award

Stacie King from Crayford Arrows has been awarded Positive Football Environment Award 2023!

Stacie King is Club Welfare Officer and Head Football at Crayford Arrows. She is coach of the U15 girls’ team, leads on the clubs Weetabix Wildcats programme and plays regularly for their Women's team.

stacie kingStacie launched the club’s Weetabix Wildcats centre in 2019 and since then, they have grown from two female teams to thirteen, majority of which have come from their Wildcats centre. They also have a large number of female coaches who have come from engagement through the female teams and Stacie also runs a 16+ Just Play centre, which has led to them running a Women’s and a Women’s Vets team.

It is through her determination and positivity which has made Crayford Arrows a name for female football in London. Stacie’s reputation across London as a driver of female football is evident by the club constantly being approached by Women and Girls teams to provide support and advice. Stacie’s dedication to the female game goes beyond the walls at Crayford and she is always willing to support other teams in London to grow their female provision too, even when they’re just down the road!

Above all else, Stacie has a unique personality. She can laugh at herself and at all times puts a smile on the face of everyone at the club. She brings such positive energy whilst also fulfilling her club obligations with efficiency and full diligence. She will not shy away from any problem and is fiercely loyal to those who need support. 

Congratulations to Stacie and Crayford Arrows!