paul parker

Grassroots Heroes Awards 2023 - Grassroots Coach of the Year (Female Pathway)

Paul Parker from Athenlay FC has been awarded Grassroots Coach of the Year (Female Pathway) 2023!

London FA are proud to announce that Paul Parker from Athenlay FC has been awarded Grassroots Coach of the Year (Female Pathway) 2023!

paul parkerPaul Parker is Chairman of Athenlay FC, as well as U10s Girls and Ladies coach. He has made a huge difference within the club by equalising the club across girls’ and boys’ sections. In three years, he has massively increased the number of female players within the clubs, giving equal space, time, and attention to the girl’s game within an already well-established boys club. 

His role as a coach has inspired and encouraged female football across the generations; the Wildcats are able to see women play who are 30+. He has also supported female players to become referees and coaches, assisting with the younger girls in the club. 

Paul’s dedication to the club is outstanding. His modern, dynamic, and open-minded approach to the girls is inspiring. The girls from the club will continue to grow as Paul makes sure that the sessions provided by the club are kept fun, fair, and safe. 

Congratulations to Paul and Athenlay FC!